Our Research

We perform research in two main areas

Biomedical and Biophotonic Devices and Photonics and Optoelectronic Materials and Devices.

The former includes microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip devices, in-vitro diagnostic and point-of-care devices, and novel devices for single cell analysis and drug discovery.  The latter is primarily focused on devices and novel physical mechanisms in condensed matter and low dimensional materials that can achieve ultrasensitive light detection with single-photon sensitivity. Applications include LiDAR, imaging, night vision, medical and bioimaging, and quantum communication, computing, and sensing.

Comparision with Confocal Microscope

Throughput increase: 10,000 times

Confocal Imaging by Leica SP8

Throughput: 1 cell per 10 seconds

UCSD 3D Imaging Flow Cytometer

Throughput: 1000 cells per second.

High Throughput COVID Detection

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Semiconductor & Photonics Research

Our Philosophy

We research to explore the unbeaten paths to produce novel and effective solutions for problems of scientific, technological, and societal significance.  Keeping this philosophy in mind, we publish our research results in scientific journals and carry out transnational research to market and commercialize our research in the form of products through various venues.